Miscellaneous Rentals

Complete hydraulic rental accessories are available for your job needs. Delta Hydraulics 100% manufactures and engineers its custom built rental HPUs to provide an assortment of engineering adaptations and accessories available to meet your HPU needs including:

  • Hydraulic hose and connectors with stainless steel or carbon end connections are available for rent or purchase for connecting HPU units to components. Foreign and domestic fittings, hoses, and adapters are available per customer’s request. Flame-retardant hydraulic hose as well as ABS certification for off-shore industry can be provided.
  • Hydraulic units can be adapted with various types of quick disconnects for easy mobility.
  • Skid-mounted auxiliary stand-alone hydraulic reservoirs are available in carbon steel or stainless steel for water glycol.
  • Custom pressure gauges (depending upon customer request); all pressure gauges can be calibrated and certified.
  • Hydraulic oil can be furnished by Delta Hydraulics or by the customer. All units are completely serviced upon return with all fluids and filters removed and replaced to avoid cross contamination. All oil is filtered before going into the HPU units using Delta’s in-house filtration systems. Using filters appropriate for the oil types and circulation pumps, we can filter a variety of oils from bulk oils to water glycol oils. We can also provide documentation of oil analysis using a calibrated particle counter for documentation as needed.
  • Pressure sensors and temperature sensors for your HPU testing needs; pressure and sensor meters along with turbine flow meters are available for your various testing needs.
  • Turbine flow meter available for computer connection for various testing.
  • Filtration Rentals: Delta Hydraulics’ designed and engineered filtration units are skid-mounted and complete with a built-in control panel. The panel includes start/stop emergency E-Stop starters and relays for a complete operating package.
  • Filter units are available for rental for filtering your large or small hydraulic systems.
  • Stand-alone filter canister skids are available for in-line adaptation for you pre-existing systems. Filtration canister specifications:

    • 0-200 PSI/GPM 0-200 double filtration housing canister
    • Housings are equipped with 3 filters per housing
    • Equipped with a quick change over selector valve
  • Refill filter carts for refilling hydraulic reservoir.
  • Hydraulic Skid-Mounted Polishing Package - pressures 0-300 PSI stainless steel braided hose available, flows from 0-180 GPM; self-contained skid with fork lifting capabilities
  • Heater Circulation Skid unit – Heater unit comes with its own heater controller to offer a complete package. Specifications: 2 inch NPT inlets and outlets; 480 volts/ watt density 23.2
  • Filtration refill or transfer units 0-600 PSI, flow 0-50 GPM

Miscellaneous Units Available for Rental