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Rental Unit Profile - DH-HPU-612E ELECTRIC POWER UNIT

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  • Electric Power
    Electric motor - 20 HP@480 volts, 19 amps, 60 HZ
    Fixed displacement pump-13 GPM @ 2000 PSI
    Electrical starter control panel with 20' SO cord

  • Hydraulic System
    75 gallon stainless steel tank
    Built in pressure relief valve
    Low oil level protection switch

  • Forklift and crane lift capability
    Self Contained pan with forklift capability
    Bulk head connections: Pressure-#12 male JIC, return-#16 male JIC, case #12 male JIC
    Dimensions: 32" W x 49" L x 61" H
    Weight: 600 lbs

Delta Hydraulics rents Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) customized to meet our clients' specific needs. Our clients are provided with Delta’s expertise in customizing an HPU that will meet the hydraulic power needs for your special projects. We have a variety of rental options for furnishing power for a special project, powering a construction project, testing newly engineered products, or providing an emergency power source. Delta also designs and furnishes the engineering for the implementation of our hydraulic power units on your site.

We custom-build in-house a selection of Hydraulic Powers Units to provide an assortment of engineering adaptations and accessories available to meet your HPU needs including:

  • Diesel or electric powered units
  • Stainless steel water glycol units
  • Various types of pumps: fixed displacement or compensating
  • Directional control valves
  • Self-contained skin mount frame with forklift capability and certified 4-point lifting harness
  • Assorted footprints are available
  • Water or air heat exchangers
  • On-site set up and training

HPU Setup and Training

Delta Hydraulics is proud to provide onsite installation of hydraulic power units by our experienced, specialized technicians familiar with hydraulic system functions and requirements. Our technicians also provide onsite training for hydraulic system startup and maintenance as well as safety training and awareness for hydraulic unit use. Technicians provide hose connections from the unit to job components and systems as well as set flows and pressures. Fittings and hose connections including flame retardant hydraulic hose and ABS certified hose for offshore industry are available for connecting the HPU to tooling and components. Technicians can also make onsite electrical connections of HPUs.